The project is the brainchild of Giacomo Noyà, a sculptor who for years is pursuing a passionate research around the marble, experimenting sculpture-paintings, installations and design for home décor and furniture with a peculiar combination of stone, wood, steel and recycled materials.
Aystone, his latest creation, wants to take on the world of fashion design: use the marble to create personal accessories of unique beauty, easy to wear, light to carry. The idea was born from a need of lightness and the will to pursue to cultivate the art of stone thinking the final work on the border between art, craft and design.

Aystone is a self-made design lab that develops fashion accessories made of stone: buckles with leather belts, bow ties, pendantsbracelet and brand new accessories that stand out for preciousness, elegance and timeless beauty of the stone.
Aystone offers several men and women collections, all kinds of marble and stone from all over the world, colors, shapes and models that make the product prestigious and exclusive, suitable for people always looking for peculiarity, style and sophistication.
The Aystone products are unique pieces that tell a thousand-year history, handcrafted with passion and attention to detail. A natural choice for who is always seeking for authenticity.

The Aystone customers love authenticity, art and beauty in all its forms. They esteem the originality, the unusual, the craftsmanship and design of these products. They do not buy an object, but the idea and the history behind it. Fashion, business and casual models that turn into special touch for special people.
Aystone is also open to collaborations with designers and fashion experts to enrich the offer and the originality of his creations.


Andrea Abbatino & Marcello Pulizzotto,
graphic designer and photography
Riccardo Ferraro, geological consulting
Website by Wastelab, Vincenzo Salerno